Special hotel packages available

January 4, 2011

The weekly radio show A State of Trance – starring Armin van Buuren – has been one of the most popular radio shows in the world of dance. The upcoming milestone of show number 500 as well as the 10-year anniversary of the show will be the reason for the world’s largest trance event. Divided over five cities this super trance fest will travel the globe and visit a total of five continents.

Unlike the A State of Trance 450 edition of 2010 – with parties in Canada, the U.S., Poland and Slovakia – the celebrations this year will also take place on Dutch soil. The most important stop will be in Armin van Buuren’s home country on 9 April 2011, which promises to be the largest trance manifestation in the Netherlands of the moment. The epic scope of this event will present trance in all her forms and variations, subdivided in five different areas.

A limited amount of special hotel packages for the A State of Trance 500 edition in Den Bosch is available. Each basic package contains two A State of Trance 500 tickets, one overnight stay in your hotel of choice and breakfast. Click here for more information about the hotel packages.

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