The ASOT 550 artists: Dash Berlin

February 21, 2012

One of the fastest rising stars in dance land, is Dash Berlin. The Dutchman, who landed on top of the scene with his 2008 hit ‘Till The Sky Falls Down’ has come a long way ever since. His album ‘The New Daylight’ became a grand success and the award-winning single ‘Waiting’ ft. Emma Hewitt still moves the masses. With a strong following, he is one of the most popular DJ’s of this moment. Climbing to the number 8 in the DJ Mag Top 100 in less than 4 years. If anyone is part of EDM’s promising future, it’s Dash Berlin. And so, he’s part of A State of Trance 550! 

Hey Jeff, how are you doing?

Dash:”I’m doing great thank you!”

We’re approaching the A State of Trance 550 celebration, which includes three gigs for you. We bet you’re looking forward to them!? 
Dash:”A State Of Trance is magical. I get goose bumps thinking about it; yes I am looking forward to all of them very much.”

You’ll be playing at the events in Moscow, Belgrade and Miami. Any of the three you’re particularly looking forward to?

Dash:”I’m equally excited about all of them and that is not just me being political, each and all of these cities bring something unique to the table. We are all part of a global celebration. And that magic is in the air everywhere; it’s something that you have to be a part of to fully understand it.”

What does A State of Trance mean to you personally? Have you been a fan of the show since the early days?
Dash:”Yup, and I’m still a fan. It’s easy to take a radio show such as ASOT for granted, because it’s simply there every week. I think it’s important though to recognize and respect all the hard work and dedication that hides behind it.”

What role has A State of Trance played in your career?

Dash:”It has given me a very wide platform to introduce myself and my music to the world, which has given me a lot of rocket fuel. Besides that, I love tuning in just like everybody else to enjoy the latest music every week. “

You’re currently working on a new Dash Berlin artist album. How far along are you and will you premier some of its jewels during your ASOT 550 gigs?
Dash:”I’m almost done and I will most definitely premiere a lot of new music during ASOT 550, so make sure you are tuned in! ”

Anything you’d like to say to the ASOT listeners and/or Armin? 
Dash:”To all the listeners of ASOT I would like to say from the heart; thank you all for supporting the music and the artists, it’s a wonderful scene we got going and it feels great that we all connect every week via the biggest radio show on the planet. Looking forward seeing you all on the dance floor to celebrate episode 550! Armin; keep rocking those global airwaves with the biggest and the best music in the world! You’re a living legend to us all! “