The ASOT 550 artists: Orjan Nilsen

February 25, 2012

If any producer is praised for his diversity, it’s got to be Orjan Nilsen. With his solid productions and remixes, the Norwegian producer/DJ touches the edges of trance, house, progressive and far beyond. His sounds are loved by the A State of Trance listeners and with the support of his #TeamOrjan and Armin himself, there’s really no limit to the career of this passionate music lovers. In 2011, he released his debut album ‘In My Opinion’ and climbed all the way to #49 in the DJ Mag Top 100. And guess what? The guy is even nominated for ‘Best Break-Through DJ’ at the IDMA’s. Told you he is going places! One thing’s for sure: Orjan will be celebrating the special ASOT 550 milestone and he’s going to make it a night to remember. Time for us to hear all about his plans…

Hey Orjan! It’s been a while! How are you doing?
Orjan:”Hey there, I’m doing GREAT!! touring all over the world and just enjoying myself!”

You’re playing at the grand finale of ASOT550 in Den Bosch. Just how excited are you to be playing there?!
Orjan:”I was there last year, and this seems to be even bigger! So basically, I can hardly wait!!!”

Any special tunes or exclusives you’ll be premiering at the show? Or will you turn this set into classic galore?
Orjan:”Hahaha! Well, I always have something new, don’t I? so yeah, it will be a few new elements in there!”

A lot of your tracks were premiered on the ASOT show. What difference has A State of Trance made in your career?
Orjan:”It has done ALL the difference of course! Having the support of Armin is a HUGE advantage, cause let’s face it, it is by far the most popular EDM show in the world!”

How long have you been a fan of the show? Did you listen to it long before you had your own tunes featured in it?
Orjan:”Whoa, for many years already. One of my dreams was to be featured on that show! So yeah, I listened quite some time before I had airplay. How long, I don’t know!”

Did it ever inspire you to start your own radio show? Or would you rather focus on producing instead?
Orjan:”Funny you should ask! *wink wink* Let’s just say I have something in development!”

Speaking of which, you released your hotly anticipated debut album ‘In My Opinion’ last year! But you’re not exactly the type to take a break from the studio, right? 
Orjan:”Not exactly, but I’m kinda forced to cause of tours and gigs, but let’s face it, that’ll just accumulate inspiration for more productions!”

What does A State of Trance mean to you? In other words: what defines that state to you?
Orjan:”It’s the state where the whole world stops spinning and you’re in the middle of it!”

Last but not least, is there any word you’d like to say to Armin to congratulate him on the 550th episode?
Orjan:”Several words actually, but I’ll keep it short! Armin, congratulations on accomplishing something so amazing to bring a whole world together because of one single radio show! Without you, no one would even know the beauty of our music! I wish you all the best for the future!”