The ASOT 550 artists: Ruben de Ronde

March 13, 2012

For 5 solid years, Ruben de Ronde has been one of the key players for the A State of Trance radio shows and events. This guy is close to the beating heart that makes this worldwide ASOT a global happening. This time though, the talented Dutchman also made his debut as a DJ. He played a staggering opening set at Moscow’s ASOT 550 and showed the world he really is much more than ‘just’ Armin’s sidekick. Read on and find out all about the artist that is Ruben de Ronde!

Hey Ruben, what’s up? Surviving through the jet-lags? ;)
Ruben:”Hardly! This year the travels haven’t been as harsh as last year, so the time differences aren’t that bad, let’s ask that question again after LA and Miami ;-)”

You’re part of the team that works on A State of Trance and events around it. What exactly is your part in the radio show and the events coming together?
Ruben:”During the events I take care of the interviews, and keep an eye out at the social media’s, and mention the nicest ones on air in the show. I am also doing a new feature called the Pink Mic, which means I go into the crowd and interview people that are visiting the event.”

You’ve played a smashing set in Moscow on March 7th, being the opener on this incredible night. How did that feel?
Ruben:”For me it was the very first time playing at a celebration episode of A State of Trance, and being ask to do so was really an honour. I have something special with the Russian crowd, as I play there quite often myself, and when I heard I was opening the mainroom in Moscow.. Epic! I was playing the first set, but nonetheless the room was filled with about 10.000 people. So how did it feel? Great would be an understatement!”

Can you reveal some of the exclusives you played in there?
Ruben:”I played a new remix, by ProgressiveR of my single with Ukrainian singer Aelyn, ‘She’s Already Gone’, a new single by Gal Abutbal, and I managed to finish my remix for Above & Beyond – Filmic, on the day before the event.“

What’s the best thing about being Armin’s sidekick? Are there any downsides to it?
Ruben:”I have a very good click with Armin, especially musical wise, so it’s great to being able to talk about music we both like. The only downside with working with Armin, is that it’s really hard to plan a vacation, because the weekly show needs to go on!”

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen during this ASOT550 tour so far?
Ruben:”The craziest thing is the amount of reactions are coming in. It is great to see the whole world is uniting during the live broadcasts! Another thing, which I wouldn’t say is crazy, but this is something people don’t see/hear during the show, but during the countdown to my set something went wrong technical wise. The mixer didn’t work! So I was hearing the countdown in the background, ’30 seconds to go’, and the technical guy screaming into his walkie-talkie that we won’t make it. Somehow, I don’t know how, just before the intro came to an end, the signal came back. That was a relieve!  Think about how embarrassing that would’ve been, a full venue, millions of radio listeners, and nothing but silence. Eek!”

Where does A State of Trance stand for – in your opinion?
Ruben:”If you love trance, and want to hear the latest and best releases, it is the only place to be every week to get updated.“

Were you a regular listener before you started working for Armada Music and Armin?
Ruben:”Yeah I used to listen to the show on a regular basis, checking what was new!”

You’ve just released your collab with Tenishia, ‘Marsascala’. Got more tunes or remixes in the pipeline we should know about?
Ruben:”Absolutely! I have a lot of new tracks that are about to be finished! After ‘Marsascala’, the remixes of my track with Aelyn will be released, one of them was played in my set in Moscow, a great remix by ProgressiveR. The other remix is a very cool big room mix by Wezz Devall! I have just received new vocals from Aelyn for a new track I did with Flashtech, plus I have more collabs planned with Woody van Eyden, Sean Tyas and my American friends Danny Chen and Vitaliy. Lots to come!”

Last but not least: what would you like to say to Armin to congratulate him that you haven’t already said?    
Ruben:”Haha ok, Armin congratulations with reaching 550 episodes of A State of Trance, I feel lucky that I am part of the process of the show on a daily base, and really notice it makes a change in people’s lives. Keep on going!”