The ASOT 550 artists: Sophie Sugar

February 22, 2012

Don’t let her sugar sweet looks deceive you. Once lady Sophie Sugar gets behind the decks, you’ve got to give in to it. As one of EDM’s rare female DJ’s, she’s been on top of things since 2003 and has won the hearts of the A State of Trance lovers with productions such as ‘Call of Tomorrow’, ‘All For You’ and ‘Skyline’. The UK DJ is one of the ladies to play at the A State of Pink stage in the Dutch celebration of ASOT 550. All reason to ask her about her vision – what’s been keeping the ladies from conquering the world of dance?

Hey Sophie! It’s been quite a while since we heard from you! How are you doing?
Sophie:”Hey, I’m doing great thank you! 2012’s been an amazing year so far!”

Only a few weeks left until you’re playing at the ASOT 550 event in Den Bosch, NL. How does it feel to be part of this massive celebration?
Sophie:”I cannot believe we’re here again already, it really does only seems 2 minutes since ASOT 500 last year. It’s wonderful to have been invited back again, can’t wait to see that pink stage!”

How has A State of Trance, as a show, contributed to your career in music?
Sophie:”It’s been massively influential in many ways –  mostly in spreading melodic trance to so many millions of clubbers around the world.  Personally speaking I started listening to the show when it first began many years ago and it’s been a staple in my life ever since!”

You’ll be playing at the Female State of Trance stage, with only women playing and working there. What do you think about the female-only idea? You reckon it will bring more notice to the ladies?
Sophie:”I think it’s a really exciting concept and something the clubbers will really enjoy experiencing. With the amount of club nights and events happening around the world all the time, it’s important to try new ideas.”

While we’ve got Madonna and Lady Gaga ruling the pop scene, there’s no big female DJ’s that are at the absolute top – what keeps you ladies from getting there?
Sophie:”Ha ha, a great question! You know, I think it’s simply the fact that there are so many more male DJ’s than females. It’s a numbers game!”

Armin stated that he’d love it if at least 15% of the DJ Mag Top 100 of 2013 is female. Do you think that’s a realistic goal? And what would help reaching it?
Sophie:”I think we could certainly see an increase in 2013, especially with Armin backing the idea! It’s just a case of females producing as much music as possible and sticking with their careers long term.”

Now, what can we expect from your set at ASOT 550? Any new tunes to premiere?
Sophie:”People can expect my usual uplifting trance sound with a few bits I’ve been working on over the last few months and hopefully (if finished in time) my new collaboration – watch this space!”

Anything you’d like to say to Armin to congratulate him?
Sophie:”Yes, huge congratulations for yet another amazing year and another amazing event, it’s fantastic to be a part of it!”