The ASOT 550 artists: tyDi

February 28, 2012

Australian DJ/producer Tyson Illingworth carries an adventurous mind, one that brought him as far as his successful second artist album ‘Shooting Stars’, flying from gig to gig and gaining the support of ten-thousands of dance lovers. His tracks have always been loved by the A State of Trance listeners and praised for their diversity by Armin. On March 10th, you’ll find him rocking the ASOT 550 show in Kiev. And you bet, there’s much more to come from this inspiring artist. We hooked up with the young talent and asked him all about his plans.

Hey Tyson, what’s up? How are you doing?
tyDi:”Heya! I’m good thank you, currently sitting on a Qantas A380 in Los Angeles, just about to leave for Sydney in Australia.”

Only two weeks to go until you touch down in Kiev for the ASOT 550 show! How does it feel to be part of a massive celebration like this?
tyDi:”It’s an honor! I absolutely loved performing at ASOT500 last year, it was a huge party and I really love Ukraine… so it’s a bi-win!”

The A State of Trance show celebrates its 11th birthday. How many of those years have you been a fan of the show?
tyDi:”I’ve been a big fan of Armin’s ASOT show since I was first introduced to it about 5 years ago!”

What does A State of Trance mean to you? Has it made a big different in your career as a DJ/producer? 
tyDi:”Absolutely! I remember listening to ASOT quite regularly at the start of my career because it was always the first place to hear the best new tunes. ASOT introduced me to many of the dance tracks that I consider the soundtrack to my teenage years, you know those big tracks that still take you back to the night when you first heard it.”

In 2009, you kicked off your own radio show, ‘Global Soundsystem’. What made you decide to start your own show  and why weekly? How is it doing so far?
tyDi:”Well I had a lot of time traveling on planes so I needed something to keep me busy, haha! No really I just thought it would be an excellent way to keep my growing fan base up to date with my own taste in electronic music. My fans are all over the world and I can only make it to some cities once in a year, so GSS lets me give them more than that. My show is now broadcasted all over the world in 25+ different countries, it’s still only new but I’m very happy with how fast GSS is spreading around the planet.“

Will you be celebrating the special numbers as well – like Global Soundsystem 200? Is A State of Trance and its events something you’d like to accomplish in your career as well?
tyDi:”We’ve been doing some cool stuff to celebrate GSS’s ‘special’ episodes including  having guest superstars on the show and touring the brand to clubs around the world. Of course I’d love the same success as ASOT one day, that would be any new DJ’s dream come true!”

What can the ASOT 550 fans expect to hear from your set in Kiev? Any special exclusives you’re going to reveal?
tyDi:”Yep! Lots of unreleased remixes from my ‘Shooting Stars’ album and also a brand new remix for Emma Hewitt that I’m extremely excited about; I first heard the track from Em and loved it so much that I decided to make a special intro out of it for my ASOT show.”

Any other exciting news we should know about?
tyDi:”Yeah! I’ve got a new music video coming out in April for my song ‘The Moment it Breaks’ that I wrote with Tania, it’s a very beautiful video and I think it will touch a lot of my fans. Also I have some new productions that I wrote with BT that will be coming out this year… they are mind blowing!”

Last one. Is there anything you’d like to say to Armin or the A State of Trance fans? 
tyDi:”It’s a huge achievement to reach 550 episodes of a radio show, go Armin!! It’s an honor to be performing at this event and I’m very grateful to be a part of it with so many talented artists… To all the fans, I can’t wait to see some of you at the ASOT550 Kiev show, it’s going to be massive!“