Terms and Conditions of A State of Trance 650 – Anthem Contest

1. General

1. These Terms are applicable on the contest organized by Armin van Buuren, Alda Events BV,

Armada Music BV (hereafter “the Organizers”) entitled “A State of Trance 650 Anthem Contest”(hereinafter: “the Contest”).

2. By entering into this Contest the Participant agree to the terms and conditions as stipulated herein.

3. Organizers reserve the right to exclude Participants and/or their Submissions from entering into the Contest at any moment for any reason whatsoever and especially when they have reason to believe that the participant does not act in conformity with the terms and conditions herein.

4. The Contest will start on XXXXXX 2013 and will close on XXXXX 2013. The Winner of the Contest will be announced on XXXXXX. The Organizers reserve the right to change the dates as mentioned in the foregoing sentence at their own discretion.

2. Price

1. First Price: The Winning Contestant will win a recording contract for the Anthem with Armada Music BV. The winning Submission will be used as the Anthem of A State Of Trance 650 Anthem (to be used in general in connection to A State Of Trance 650, including not limited to in connection to the promotion of the A State Of Trance 650 event and all related products that will be released in connection of A State Of Trance 650.

3. Participation

1. Participation to this Contest is free and through www.astateoftrance.com (“the Website”).

2. In order to enter into the Contest, the Participant will have to fill in the corresponding form on the Contest section of the Website and provide with the requested details correctly. Only the Anthems that are submitted correctly with all required info can be considered submitted and will qualify for participation to the Contest.

3. All contact information (including name and address) submitted by the Participants in connection to the Contest will be filed and save by Organizers. Organizers will use this information to contact the participant with the winning Anthem submission, and all other participants in connection to the A State Of Trance projects.

4. Participant hereby guarantees the information submitted by Participant is correct.

5. The Participant hereby approves the use of its (artist) name in connection to this Contest.

6. The Participants to the Contest need to be 18 years old (or older). If  a participant  is between twelve (12) and eighteen (18) years of age at the time of entry of its Submission, such participation by the minor shall be subject to the explicit consent of minor’s parent or legal guardian to the Contest and the terms thereof. Participant will be required to provide the contact email address of his/her parent/legal guardian.

7. Organizers reserve the right to exclude Submissions they suspect to be fraudulent or illegal or otherwise conflicting with laws or regulations from the Contest.

8. Organizers reserve the right to exclude Submissions that are not complete or otherwise do not meet the requirements as set forth herein.

9. The results of the Contest are final.

10. In the event that the winning participant has not confirmed its participation to the Contest, within 24 hours after the results have been announced to the participant per email or telephone, the Participant will be excluded from the Contest. In such a case Organizers reserve the right to elect the submission with the second most votes as the winning Anthem.

4. Distribution of Prices

1. Only participants that have timely participated to the Contest in the right manner via www.astateoftrance.com will be considered for winning prices.

2. Participation to the Contest is linked to the participation individually and non-transferable and not exchangeable for money. In the event the Participant refuses the Price this will fall back to the Organizers.

3. Organizers are not responsible or liable for any costs and/or travel or accommodation expenses that the winner of the Contest has made in connection to his participation and/or his submission.

5. Publication

1. The Participants to the Contest and the Winner of the price hereby grant Organizers and its promotional partner the right to use its name and or artist name, photographs, film footage of the participant in connection to the A State Of Trance 650 Event. The participant will take part of the promotional activities around or in connection with the A State Of Trance 650 Event for no financial consideration.

2. Participant agrees that the winning Anthem will be released on Armada Music BV. Armada Music BV will contract with Participant a master assignment contract under industry standard terms, which will include a industry standard royalty rate. In the event the Submission is not elected as the winning Anthem, the Participant shall be free to grant a third party rights in and to the submission, but only after the Participant has asked per email Armada Music if it wishes to license the submission of the Participant and release it on Armada Music BV.

3. The Participant guarantees and undertakes to be free to participate in the Contest and grant the rights to its submission to Armada Music BV and is not signed to any record label or entertainment company.

4. The Participant acknowledges and agrees that it is not party to any agreement that in any way interferes with the grant of rights to Armada Music with regard to the Anthem submitted by the Participant.

6. Liability

1. Organizers are not responsible or liable for any costs incurred or damages suffered by Participants (directly or indirectly) in connection to their participation to the Contest.

2. More specifically Organizers are not responsible or liable for costs incurred or damages suffered by Participants resulting out of:

– the use of any of the prices/products provided by the Organizers/promotional parties.

– Inadvertent omissions by Organizers with regard to the correct spelling or information on the website.

– the lack of sufficient insurance agreements by the Participants

3. Organizers cannot be held responsible or liable for any network, hardware and/or software interruptions on their systems, which may lead to limited, delayed receipt and/or loss of the Anthem submitted by the Participant.


7. Personal Data

1. Any Personal Data that has been submitted to Organizers by the Participant in connection to their participation to the Contest will be included in the Contest data file of Organizers and will be treated with the strictest confidence and in compliance with the laws and regulations with regard to Privacy.

2. Organizers will use the information/data of the participants solely in connection the Contest and for all directly thereto connected communication, including for the purpose of sending the winning participant a confirmation of such per email or telephone. Any other emails will only be sent to participants in the events they have approved the receipt of such emails. In the event a participant whishes to remove/correct/review its data from the files of Organizers after the Contest, the participant can do so per written request.

8. Miscellaneous

1. At their sole discretion Organizers are entitled to change the terms and conditions as set forth herein, without any prior notification to Participant. Or to stop or change (the rules of) the Contest for any or no reason at all, in the event the circumstances require this. The foregoing shall not lead to any obligation or liability of Organizers to the participants whatsoever.

2. In the event one or more of the terms and conditions as set forth herein are deemed null or void, parties agree that the Organizers at its sole discretion may decide to replace the null or void stipulations with a new stipulation that that approaches the meaning of the null or void stipulation as close as possible.

3. By participating to the Contest and more specifically by submitting an Anthem the participant agrees to all the terms and conditions as specified herein, without any reservation or limitation, as well as any decision made by Organizers in connection to the Contest. In the event of any violation of the terms and conditions as set forth herein the submission/participation of such contestant will be deleted and will not be considered for the Anthem.