Episode 075

Episode 075

December 5, 2002
20.00- 21.00-> The newest tunes selected
1. Junkie XL- Breezer (Roadrunner)
2. Christian Rusch vs. Greg Murray- Epic (CDR)
3. Conjure One- Tears From The Moon (Hybrid Twisted on the Terrace Remix)(Nettwerk)
TUNE OF THE WEEK: 4. Underworld – Dinosaur Adventures 3D (Sharpside Remix)(JBO)
5. Oceanlab feat Justine Suissa – Beautiful Together (Signum
Remix)(Captivating Sounds)
6. Chicane- Saltwater (Thrillseekers remix)(Xtravaganza)
7. Katoi- Touch You (Hiver and Hammer remix)
8. Armin van Buuren- Yet Another Dub (Armind)
9. Ayu- Connected (Push Instrumental) (Drizzly)
10. Danza Violento- String Break (Altitude Yellow/FTM)

21.00- 22.00-> Armin van Buuren Non-stop in the mix
1. Lemon9- New York, New York (Basic Beat)
2. Main Element- Take me down (Lemon8 remix)
3. Hybrid- Gravastar (Distinctive)
4. Andain- Summer Calling (Gabriel & Dresden remix) (Blackhole)
5. Nugen- Deliverance (Cyber records)
6. Alias- Missouri
7. Altitude- Tears in the Rain (Platipus)
8. Sun Decade- I’m Alone (Mirco de Govia Dub) (Euphonic)
9. Kid Vicious- Proceed (Tsunami)
10. Solar#7- Hard Spectrum (Avalanche remix) (Detox)
11. Human Evolution- Project Magneta (One Small Step for mankind mix) (ID&T)

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NEXT WEEK (12 Dec): A State of Trance XXL with special guests Signum.