Armin Only Mirage – Full show online now!

Armin Only Mirage – Full show online now!

July 24, 2012

As a little gift to you Armin fans, we’ve now uploaded the entire, full and uncut show of the official Armin Only – Mirage show, for you to enjoy!

On November 13th 2010, fans of Armin van Buuren gathered in the Jaarbeurs venue in Utrecht, where he celebrated the release of his artist album ‘Mirage’ with a new edition of the ‘Armin Only’ concert. Armin Only 2010 – Mirage in Utrecht was the kickoff of the Armin Only 2010 world tour, with shows in more than 15 different countries across 5 continents.

15.000 people attended the 9 hour show, based upon and themed around ‘Mirage’, the fourth artist album of the number one DJ.  Visitors didn’t only enjoy a special 9 hour set, including live performances by some of the EDM’s most talented singers, but were also treated to an audiovisual spectacle, mesmerizing show elements and several other surprises. For those that weren’t there or who want to relive Armin Only 2010 in the Jaarbeurs, we now present the Armin Only – Mirage DVD. Including all highlights, exclusive backstage footage, interviews, performances and of course: a whole lot of good music!

Check out the full show on YouTube now and go back to Armin Only – Mirage!

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