Armin in Top 10 most played artists on internet radio

October 26, 2009

arminAccording to streamCerf, a company that monitors and reports music played on terrestrial, internet and satellite radio stations, Dutch producer/DJ Armin van Buuren is ranked 6 in the Top 10 of most played artists on internet radio. The only artists with more plays are U2, Metallica, Madonna, The Beatles and Michael Jackson.

Armin van Buuren clearly has an important role to play in the distribution of dance music. His radioshow ‘A State of Trance’, that’s been running for over 8 years, already attracts an average of 28 million listeners every week. With 34,000 plays on 317 different stations over the last 30 days, his tracks and albums are a popular search on the net.

Over the past 10 years Internet and satellite radio have become two of the most important distribution and communication media. Especially for the relatively young dance scene, internet and satellite radio offers an easy and often free solution to broadcast music. Besides that, it offers a stage to a lot of new talent, whereas terrestrial radio often stick to well established artists that have entered the charts.  It’s a striking fact that that the internet radio’s list of unique artists is greater than broadcast radio’s by 3600%, as stated by streamCerf.