Artist Interview: Sophie Sugar

April 15, 2009

Amongst the masses of DJ’s, there’s only a small amount of women rocking the decks. One of them is Sophie Sugar. No matter how sweet her name, this chick is set to conquer the world with more tools than just a pretty face and a mesmerizing smile. The first lady of trance won the A State of Trance listeners over with ‘Call of Tomorrow’, ‘Fallen Too Far’, ‘Day Seven’ and ‘Redemption’, making waves across the dance floor and breathing her sophisticated, pure trance sound. Sophie has the honour of being the one and only girl to be part of the ASOT 400 celebration. Something Sophie knows exactly how to deal with…

Sophie SugarYou’ve had some releases on the ASOT label as well, and was featured on the ASOT 2005 and 2007 album. Does it make this celebration extra special now that you’re part of the 400th episode as well?

Sophie: “Yes, definitely – there’s such a buzz around about it and it’s great to be part of it. I’ve been involved with the label over the last few years and this will be my first Armada event, so it’s fantastic to start with such a huge party!!”

Have you been a fan of the show for long yourself?

Sophie: ” Yes, for ages. You can’t beat a good weekly dose of ASOT!”

You’ve recently been added to the line-up in Club Air, what should the crowd be ready for when you’re behind the decks?

Sophie: “Lots of uplifting trance mixed with some darker, driving stuff – and a few of my own thrown in here and there! Oh, and to have a great time!!”

What is ‘a state of trance’ to you?

Sophie: “To me, it’s being lost in that moment when you’re feeling completely overcome with emotion – whether you’re listening to some amazing music or maybe in a new country watching the sun set – just one of those ‘moments’ when you completely forget about ‘now’.”

Any other news we should know about?

Sophie: “Yes, it’s shaping up to be a really busy year which is great!  I have a couple of new tracks – my first vocal project ‘Beside You’ featuring Rebecca Emely which will be coming out on Armada in the summer and another new track called ‘Together’ which I’ve also recently finished.
I’m going to be launching a new monthly radio show very soon which I’m really looking forward to and continuing with gigs around the world!”

Is there anything you’d like to say to Armin?

Sophie: “Yes, a massive Congratulations! Here’s to the next 400! Oh, and see you on Friday at Air!”

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