ASOT Ibiza Invasion – tyDi

July 26, 2012

Trading the Australian winter for the Eivissa sun, tyDi is one of the lucky few to headline two of the A State of Trance nights in Privilege. The open-minded producer/DJ skips hibernation and rocks us with an eclectic sound,  ready to move the world. We hooked up with the rising star and asked him all about the Ibiza factor, his upcoming compilation series and his plans for the summer!

Hey Tyson! What’s up? Enjoying your time on Ibiza there?
tyDi:”Heya! I’m loving it over here, sitting on the Ses Salinas beach with a cocktail right now actually.”

You’ve just had your first A State of Trance Ibiza experience at Privilege. Now tell us, does Ibiza really party harder?
tyDi:”Yep! They certainly do party hard here, the clubs open at midnight and stay open until 7am or later. I played last night and people rocked out all the way to the end. A little different to come cities where people are leaving at 2am, in Ibiza that’s when it’s just beginning!”

What do you think, makes this island and EDM such a good combination?
tyDi:”Well besides the obvious beauty of Ibiza, I’d say the main contributor to this being ‘EDM heaven’ is the stigma surrounding the island’s culture. Ibiza has built its reputation of being an island focused on EDM for decades now, the culture is set in stone here. Ibiza’s clubs are the biggest and best in the world, and during the summer you’ll be able to see every big DJ in the world regularly. The culture coupled with an absolute summer paradise makes this place the perfect place for music.”

Any tips for the newbies visiting the island? Places to see or visit?
tyDi:”My favorite beach is here in Ses Salinas, there’s some amazing little bars on the water that you have to check out. The sunset on San Antonio beach is a must see too. At night there’s a lot of clubs to choose from, make sure you visit Pacha, Privilege and Amnesia!”

Lucky you, you’ll be playing there again next week! What have you got in stores for the 10.000 clubbers that’ll be there?
tyDi:”I’m 9 tracks deep into a new album now, so I’m seriously beginning to road test new tracks now. I’ll also be spinning my usual ‘tyDi sound’ that my fans have come to know me for. :)”

It’s all about global to you this year. In a few weeks, your new compilation series ‘Global Soundsystem’ will be released on Armada Music. What can we expect?
tyDi:”Only the best ;) classy music, I spent a lot of time making GSS California a very tasteful selection that flows perfectly. It’s the very best of my Global Soundsystem radio show!”

You’ve named the first Volume after the state of California. Why?
tyDi:”Lately my touring schedule has been blowing up in the USA, I’m over there every two weeks and California feels like my second home now. It just felt right for me to commit my first GSS mix CD to this amazing state.”

Your new single ‘Sex, Lies & Still Oblivious’ has just been released, and it’s quite a deep, dark tune. What’s it about?
The track is originally from my Shooting Stars album, it’s a big room house tune. Something I smash out in the peak of my sets. I wrote it simply to be a main room dance floor smasher :) there’s some great remixes and a kick ass music video in the package too.

You’re a busy guy, cause you’re also playing the Godskitchen stage of the Global Gathering festival in the UK. What other festivals have you got planned for the summer, any we can’t miss?
tyDi:”I’m heading back to the US after this trip to play a bunch of shows over there. My California fans can catch me at Nocturnal Wonderland soon, I can’t wait for that one! Check out my latest tour dates at”