Event info ASOT600 Den Bosch

April 3, 2013


Here is some of the important information you’ll need to make your ASOT600 experience run smoothly.

For the people with Warm-up tickets and VIP tickets, the warm-up session of Armin van Buuren starts at 20:00 hrs. Make sure you’re in on time. This will avoid unnecessary waiting and will make sure you don’t have to miss out on anything. The main celebration of A State of Trance 600 will open at 21:00 hrs. The entrance will close at 04.00 hrs.

There are different types of tickets. Make sure that you know where your entrance is and which entrance you need to enter the A State of Trance Celebration.

Regular Tickets go to entrance : ”Entrance”
Warm-up Tickets go to entrance : “Warm-up / VIP / guest”
VIP/guest Tickets go to entrance: “Warm-up / VIP / guest”

For those that bought Hotel packages with Regular, warm-up or VIP tickets, please use the same entrances as communicated above.

During ASOT600 there will be lockers available for storing your belongings.

€ 12,00 (incl. €5 deposit) for the standard/lady lockers (2-3 coats)
€ 13,50 (incl. €5 deposit) for the large lockers (3-4 coats)

Food and drinks have to be paid for by tokens. These tokens are available at selected sales points (inside the venue and at the entrance) and can be paid in cash and through ATM machines (debit and credit card). The price of one token is €2,75. Per 4 tokens €11,-. Tokens that are left over at the end of the evening are non-refundable. You can only use the ATM for buying tokens. It is not possible to get money in cash through ATM machines.

An ordinary (digital) camera is allowed. It is forbidden to carry professional photographic equipments, unless otherwise agreed upon.

Entrance to ASOT600 requires you to be 18 or older at the time of the event. Identification will be asked for when in doubt. If you are under the age minimum, you will not be allowed access to ASOT600.

During ASOT600 the Dutch government will be enforcing a ‘zero tolerance’ policy. This means that hard drugs and soft drugs are not allowed. We advise you not to take drugs with you. If you are found with drugs you will be turned over to the police and refused entrance to the event.

Smoking is not allowed inside public spaces in Holland. Therefore we have created smoking rooms inside the Brabanthallen venue. Please note that only cigarettes are allowed, there is only one smoking area at the venue, you can find the smoking area by following the signing and on the floorplan!

Diezekade 2
5222 AK ‘s-Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands




Route by Public transport
 click here

Route by coach transport Event Travel offers you more than 150 pick-up locations. Book your bus or combination tickets click here

Route by car click here

Come by train
Come by train to A State of Trance 600 in the Brabanthallen in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. From ‘s-Hertogenbosch station it’s only a 10 minute walk to the Brabanthallen. 

Please note: Due to engineering works there are no direct trains between ‘s-Hertogenbosch
and Utrecht Centraal. You can travel via Nijmegen and Breda. Please allow an extra stop over and extra time for your journey.

• Travel between Amsterdam and ‘s-Hertogenbosch via Nijmegen
• Travel between Schiphol Airport and ‘s-Hertogenbosch via Breda (with Fyra, no supplement is required)

Night trains
Trains do not run at night on Saturday from ‘s-Hertogenbosch.A day return purchased on Saturday is valid until 4:00 (Sunday morning). Please check the schedule for the first trains here: http://goo.gl/jgnDx


You can park your car at the venue. Make sure that you follow the signing, P parking. The costs for parking during the event is €10. Please buy your parking ticket in advance click here.


Get your ASOT 600 merchandise now here.
You’ll find the perfect balance and track selection on A State of Trance 2013, representing a new year in trance on a special 2 disk mix. If you haven’t ordered this essential album yet, be sure to get your copy at the merchandise stand during A State of Trance 600 in Den Bosch! And while you’re there, also check out the ASOT 600 shirts and other special offers!


If you are not able to visit A State of Trance in Den Bosch, please go to live.astateoftrance.com for a live video and audio stream.


- We provided a counter where you can buy your tokens at the entrance of the venue.
- Make sure that you are aware of the one way traffic in the venue. You can see it on the floorplan below.
- The floorplan will be given to you at the entrance of the venue.
- Download here the floorplan and timetable.