In The Studio with Armin: how to sync live visuals

August 30, 2012

Armin likes to call himself a tech geek. And well…he truly is! He has to be, because spectacular live shows such as A State of Trance and big festivals don’t just happen. For him as a DJ, it’s important to communicate with the light and technical crew, so your special night turns into a magical night. Live visuals and performances are an important part of Armin’s shows, and definitely acquire some skills.

To give you an idea on how the connection of live visuals and music comes together, Armin gave Future Music Magazine an exclusive look inside his studio. In this special episode of ‘In The Studio’, he syncs his live visuals on-the-fly with four Pioneer CDJ-2000s and a DJM-2000 mixer using just SMPTE signal and fader start functions.  Check it out here!