Label of the month: A State of Trance

August 3, 2011

On June 23rd 2003, the very first A State of Trance release was a fact. Vincent de Moor’s Questia track ‘Nexus Asia’ had the honour of representing the first of many trance classics released on this label, based on Armin van Buuren’s radioshow. With 15 million weekly listeners, the show of the number one DJ is one of the most popular shows around and a weekly highlight to trance fans all around the globe.

Producers like Signum, Sophie Sugar, Robert Nickson, Sebastian Brandt and Thomas Bronzwaer feel right at home on A State of Trance. Armin always keeps good balance of new talent and renowned producers, with tunes that don’t only work well in the clubs, but also rock your speakers at home. The tracks on the label will surely get you into ‘a state of trance’, with a wide diversity of trance tunes.

This month, A State of Trance is our official ‘Label Of The Month’! If you want to get a feel of its sound, check out the full A State of Trance back-catalogue and all new tunes on the A State of Trance YouTube channel. On this channel, you’ll also find specials about Armin’s Armin Only shows, the A State of Trance 500 celebration, compilations, the A State of Trance Podcast, trance classics and much more! So be sure to check for your daily trance update!

If you love the releases on the ASOT label, be sure to check out the special ‘A State of Trance Collected Vol. 1’ bundle. You’ll find 20 of the label’s highlights, including tracks by Envio, Questia, DJ Shah, Signum, Sean Tyas, Eco, Sebastian Brandt, Robert Nickson and many more!