Listen to Radio 538 and win a trip to ASOT600 New York!

February 11, 2013

Dutchies, you’re in it for a treat! To celebrate the 600th episode of A State of Trance, Radio 538 offers you the chance to win VIP tickets to ASOT600 Den Bosch and….a VIP trip to the sold-out ASOT600 show in New York!

Each week, the listeners of 538 enjoy the latest in trance, prog and a whole lot more, with A State of Trance blasting through the speakers. Now that the extensive world tour is about to kick-off, 538 brings the listeners in the mood! All you have to do to is listen to the shows of, Dane Doet ‘T or @Labrando. If they’re playing one of Armin’s track, give them a call and might just score those VIP tickets to ASOT600 Den Bosch!

So, how to win that trip to New York? Well, if you’re one of the winners of the Den Bosch tickets, you’re automatically in the running for that VIP trip to New York. Including VIP tickets to the Madison Square Garden show, staying over at the same hotel as Armin and of course a meet & greet and backstage tour through the world’s most famous arena, Madison Square Garden!

For those that don’t have time to listen, head off to the 538 website and subscribe yourself as a 538 VIP in order to win two tickets to Den Bosch online!