Out Now: Paul Oakenfold – ‘Trance Mission’

Out Now: Paul Oakenfold – ‘Trance Mission’

June 24, 2014

It’s a phenomenon every trance lover will recognize… Have you ever felt that a moment in your life was inescapably intertwined with a song and that listening to that song was the only way to relive not just the memory, but to truly transport yourself back in time?

For many, electronic music once represented a profound cultural shift in consciousness, and it was an almost alien outlet that had never previously existed. Paul Oakenfold has been emblazoned onto the hearts of thousands, if not millions of fans worldwide, and there are entire legions of people who can still remember sliding the plastic wrap off their very first ‘Tranceport’ CD and going on a journey that would change their lives forever…

Hearing these tracks again, in the fittingly titled ‘Trance Mission’, will be a bittersweet, beautiful, and sometimes cathartic experience that’s sure to stir up something deep within you. Every single one of these tunes has so profoundly shaped the industry that we now almost take for granted. Here Paul Oakenfold breathes new life into all of them – reworking them in a completely fresh and contemporary style.

On ‘Trance Mission’ Paul Oakenfold reintroduces you to old loves — ‘Café Del Mar’, ‘Madagascar’, ‘Adagio for Strings’, ‘Toca Me’, ‘Ready Steady Go’ and several more timeless titles… Each one an unforgettable classic in its own right, and each one brilliantly updated and freshly imagined to fit the aesthetic and style of the present day. Oakenfold has done a fabulous job keeping the spirit of these classic tunes true to the original, while presenting them in a way that seems bold, exciting, and thoroughly modern. The blend will strike a nerve for many, and it will serve as a reminder of the power this music had and will always have.

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