Thank you Ultra Music Festival and Miami!

Thank you Ultra Music Festival and Miami!

April 1, 2014,

The whirlwind of an absolutely insane week has come to a close, and we’re thrilled with what turned out to be one action-packed week. There were some bittersweet endings, and a whole lot of exciting new beginnings, making this experience something to be relished.

On the ‘endings’ side, we witnessed the final show of ASOT 650 ‘New Horizons’ tour, and even though it’s sad to see the massive tour end, there could have been no better place than Miami to celebrate the finish in royal fashion. The overwhelmingly positive response from all the fans was mind-blowing, so thank you to all who participated!

Of course, the ‘beginnings’ chapter is much larger, with GAIA making an appearance for the first time to thousands of screaming fans. Armin did what he does best on the main stage of Ultra, captivating and enchanting the crowd in typical fashion.

The IDMAs were also announced, with Armin winning 8 awards personally and Armada winning 10 in total.  It has been a wild, crazy week full of love, happiness, and beautiful people.

So thank you for being a critical part of a magical experience!