Voting Trance Top 1000 – 2013 edition now open!

February 14, 2013

Carried upon the hands of time, is change. But although our musical taste may change as we grow older, there will always be the classics. The tracks that stay with us, kept in our memory, will never grow old. And that’s exactly why, two years after history’s first independent Trance Top 1000 kicked off, a new poll has opened!

These past two years, the Trance Top 1000 revealed a mix of old, young and future classics. Last year, the Top 3 was made of Rank 1’s ‘Airwave’, Armin van Buuren’s Gaia single ‘Tuvan’ and the number one of 2010, ‘Delerium – Silence’. Nearly 100,000 votes for more than 10,000 tracks and remixes came in, all timeless and linked to many memories. And the good news is, you can dig deep in that memory of yours again, cause a new round of voting for the Trance Top 1000 has opened!

From today on, you can vote for your 10 all-time favourite classics! Voting for the Trance Top 1000 ends April 7th and the 2013 results will be announced in May. You can vote for the ultimate trance classics in the Trance Top 1000 on!

For inspiration, check out the Trance Top 1000 playlist on Spotify!