The ASOT 550 artists: Emma Hewitt

February 29, 2012

Her voice has given light to memorable releases such as Dash Berlin’s ‘Waiting’, Cosmic Gate’s ‘Not Enough Time’ and Lange’s ‘Live Forever’. Her live performances on some of the globe’s best stages and festivals lit the souls of thousands of spectators. And in 2012, she will introduce the world to her first and very own debut album, bursting with touching lyrics, strong vocals and heart-rending melodies. ‘Colours’, including a heart-pounding remix by Armin van Buuren, was the first of her full-colour palette of songs to come to life. On March 31st, the Australian lady touches down in Den Bosch for a special live performance on the Pink, female stage. Time to find out what this gifted vocalists is all about.

Hey Emma, how are you doing? Where can we find you today?
Emma:”Hey, I am great thanks!  At the moment I am in London for fashion week.  One of my favorite designers, Christian Blanken, (who has been dressing me in his wonderful leather pants and leggings for my performances,) was showing his new collection yesterday, and my partner was directing the hair for his show.  It all went very well for them and the new clothing looked amazing!! Very exciting stuff!”

You’re in the middle of a promo tour around the first single of your debut album, the beautiful ‘Colours’. Busy times, now that you’re putting the final touch to your album?
Emma:”It sure has been busy, my touring schedule has been a bit crazy lately, which is fantastic, a lot of flying all over the place and not much sleep, and we are still finishing the final parts of the album at the same time, so even less sleep and many coffees.  At the moment we are getting most of the remixes happening, which is extremely exciting for me to hear how other people interpret the tracks.  The remixes are a whole different dimension to the album, so hearing them is breathing new, fresh life into the songs for me.  We created the original versions of the tracks with the intention for them all to be remixed for the clubs so hearing these new remixes feels like the project is coming together as we had envisioned.”

‘Colours’ was quite down-tempo and poppy. Will the rest of the ‘Burn The Sky Down’ album be in the same style? What can the A State of Trance listeners expect?
Emma:”I didn’t particularly focus on being driven by a style so much for the album, I really tried to let each song be what I felt it should be, so stylistically it is quite eclectic, although there is definitely a common thread running through the entirety.
For the first side of the album we worked with producer Lee Groves (Depeche Mode, Marilyn Manson and  Gwen Stefani.)  Lee’s sounds definitely give the album a slightly darker and more introspective feel. There are a few down tempo songs on there, some songs with broken beats, and there is definitely a slight pop sensibility throughout. Having said that, it is very much a double sided album though with the remix package bringing the big trance mixes, a few progressive and housy mixes plus some down tempo and chill mixes too.  For example, the second single ‘Miss You Paradise’ is receiving a huge trance remix by Shogun (I am a massive fan of Andrew’s work) as well as a progressive treatment from Morgan Page and a spooky/downtempo remix from NYC duo, CREEP.
The remixes are an integral of the album project, and some of them have become my favorite versions now!  It was a big project covering so many different sides, but hopefully in the end we will have an album with many faces that can take people on a bit of a journey and perhaps provide something for everyone.
Other remixers on board for the album include Arnej, tyDi, Matt Darey, Ivan Gough and plenty more surprises!”

One of the highlight gigs for you this year, is A State of Trance 550 in Den Bosch. You’ll be performing live on the Female stage, A State of Pink.  How does it feel to be part of a special happening like this?
Emma:”I am extremely excited and honored to be a part of such an important even in EDM!  It is fantastic to see that ASOT is giving a boost to the female performers and providing the live vocalists with the opportunity to showcase our music in such a huge forum. I can’t wait! I have always been a big fan of ASOT, so it is absolutely wonderful for me to be included in such a memorable event and milestone for the show!”

Will you be premiering any of the album tracks on the ASOT 550 event in Den Bosch?
Emma:”Oh I think there may be a premiere of a new song thrown in there ;) will have to see…I will most definitely be performing the wonderful Armin remix of the track ‘Colours’.  It is one of my favorites, so I can’t wait to sing that one live in front of this audience!  I heard a rumor that tyDi will be premiering a new mix of one of my tracks in his set too.”

There’s only a few female DJ’s out there that really manage to get to the top. Do vocalists have that same problem? Why, do you think, is it always the guys that run away with the success?
Emma:”That is an interesting question, as I guess it could be perceived that don’t appear to get as much of a push in a way as the industry is largely male dominated, but to be honest it is not something I pay a lot of attention to.  I think that the mould can always be broken, and if each person has the talent, desire and drive to succeed then I believe there is the same amount of possibility out there for everyone, male or female.

I think traditionally the vocalists in dance music have taken a back seat and remained a bit more behind the scenes, but that seems to be evolving at the moment, with many vocalists stepping out and releasing their own albums and touring. It appears as the scene continues to evolve, the public and event promoters are also becoming more open to seeing live vocalists at events and EDM festivals, which is an extremely positive progression for artists and club goers.”

Do you think this ASOT stage will bring more notice to the ladies? Have you got any idea how the dance scene can realize this goal of having more female artists at the top?
Emma:”It is difficult to say how more female artists can make it to the top of the EDM scene because I really believe success is up to the individual regardless of gender. It’s about confidently doing your own thing and not trying to follow in anyone else’s shoes. As I said earlier, I don’t feel the public discriminate when they recognize talent and people want to be inspired, so it’s not necessarily up to the scene to treat women differently to men – it’s up to every individual to work hard and bring their own unique angle to their releases and performances.  Music is not about gender; it is about individual perspective and creative expression.”

Can you believe we’re already at ASOT #550! In what way has the show contributed to your career?
Emma:”I can’t believe it!! ASOT 400 doesn’t seem like long ago at all!  Time flies!  ASOT has been an absolutely integral platform for my career. Armin has been a truly amazing supporter, pretty much every track I have written has been first premiered by Armin on ASOT, and that has taken the music to such a wide and wonderfully receptive audience. I definitely wouldn’t have had the opportunity of having my songs heard all over the world in this sense if people hadn’t first been introduced to them on ASOT. 

I think ASOT has helped shaped the way people listen to and respond to trance all over the world in a positive sense too.  It goes beyond geographical boundaries and unites people who share a bond through music.  it never ceases to amaze me how much ASOT means to people around the world.”

Anything you’d like to say to Armin or the ASOT listeners?
Emma:”I can’t thank Armin enough for his absolutely incredible and humbling support, it is wonderful that someone with such a huge level success in their own career still remains so humble and down to earth and retains so much passion for music, and is such an avid supporter of newcomers and unknowns, launching so many careers. Armin has really pioneered the way we receive and listen to electronic music in the 21st century and continues to push the limits of trance music with his incredible live shows. I am humbled to be associated with Armin and honored to have had the opportunity of working with him on the ‘Colours’ remix.

To the global army of ASOT listeners; you accepted me into the scene with open arms at a time when I was really not sure if my voice deserved to be heard – you built my confidence with your incredible messages of love and support and made me realize the power of music and the way a song can unite complete strangers. Knowing that some of this music has meant and represented something positive to people around the world is the biggest reward I could ever wish for and such a powerful reminder that we are all in this together.  Thank you is not enough…xxx”