Episode 089

Episode 089

March 20, 2003

20.00- 21.00-> The newest tunes selected
1. Mark Otten- Mushroom Therapy (Lightscape remix) (CDR)
2. Koris vs. Djule- Belvedere (Mesh side) (DTF records)
3. Cor Fijneman feat. Jan Johnson- Venus (Meant to be Your
Lover) (Dj Tiesto remix) (Blackhole)
TUNE OF THE WEEK: 4. Motorcycle- As the Rush Comes (CDR)
5. Kyau vs. Albert- Velvet Morning (Mirco de Govia remix) (Euphonic)
6. Three Drives- Carrera 2 (Gabriel & Dresden remix) (Nebula)
7. Ozone- Ionize (Misja Helsloot remix) (Gesture)
8. Pulser- My Religion (CDR)
9. M.O.R.P.H.- Creatures of the sunlight (original mix) (cdr)

21.00- 22.00-> Armin van Buuren Non-stop in the mix
1. Ilay & Beat C- High (Original mix) (Cyber)
2. Leama- Requiem for a dream (Leama’s dream mix) (Perfecto)
3. Cultivate- Broken Pieces (Lost Language)
4. Sander Kleinenberg- Buenos Aires (London)
5. Matti Laamanen/ Sundawner- Flakes (cdr)
6. Scott Bond vs. Solarstone- 3rd Earth (white)
7. Andy J. Powell & Mike Nero- Skyliner (Hiver and Hammer remix)
8. Robert Lidstroem- Recitation (Misja Helsloot remix) (Exciter)
9. Hiroshi Okada- Beyond the Green (020 rec)

1. Three Drives- Carrera 2 (Gabriel & Dresden remix) (Nebula)
2. Ozone- Ionize (Misja Helsloot remix) (Gesture)
3. Pulser- My Religion (CDR)
Winner will be presented in next week’s show as listener’s
future favorite.

Upcoming events:
27 March 2003: A State of Trance XXL (4 hours) with special
guest M.i.k.e.