The ASOT 550 artists: Gabriel & Dresden

February 23, 2012

If anyone earned a legendary status in the history of electronic dance music, it’s Gabriel & Dresden. Not only are they responsible for the first ever Armada release, but Josh and Dave are also the masterminds behind dance classics such as ‘As The Rush Comes’, ‘Tracking Treasure Down’, ‘Arcadia’ and many more. Their tracks and remixes have always had a special place in the hearts of the A State of Trance listeners. Gabriel & Dresden’s comeback in 2011 made the ASOT hearts beat faster. And for good reason. The guys are back with a new single, ‘No Reservations’, but most of all: with new energy, plans and musical synergy v2! Gabriel & Dresden return to the ASOT arena’s with a special set at the ASOT 550 celebration in Den Bosch, so all the right reasons for us to explore what’s ahead!

Hey guys! What’s up? Where can we find you today?
G&D:” We are on opposite sides of the world today. Josh is in Amsterdam and Dave is in Oakland, California. United by the wonders of Skype.”

Only a short while to go until the 550th episode of A State of Trance kicks in, along with its events! You guys will be playing at the Den Bosch edition. How does it feel to be part of this massive celebration? 
G&D:” We are very excited to be a part of this event. There is a production value to the ASOT brand that is second to none and from what we’ve seen on the internet they pull out all the stops for the Den Bosch edition.”

Many of your tracks became instant classics and are still favorites of the ASOT listeners to this day. How has the A State of Trance show contributed to your career?
G&D:” In a lot of ways, Armin van Buuren and A State of Trance helped define Gabriel & Dresden back in the day. Dave still remembers the day he gave Armin the CD-R of ‘As The Rush Comes’ when he was performing at Mayan Theatre in LA and then Armin calling the next day to ask if he could sign it to his new label Armada. Or, what about the time we did the XXL edition of ASOT live from the ID&T studios in Amsterdam? The 3 consecutive years Gabriel & Dresden had the #1 tune on ASOT? Or the time we got together in the studio and made ‘Zocalo’? The list of G&D and Armin/ASOT could take the length of the Steve Jobs Biography if we were to talk about everything!”

Last year was all about good news – Gabriel & Dresden are back in business! What’s the biggest change in the G&D of then and G&D of today?
G&D:”It’s probably our ability to communicate with each other and respect each others’ contribution to the project. Before we commonly would argue hours over things like whether or not the breakdown we were working on needed a snare roll buildup into the payoff. Now we just know what needs to be done and trust each others’ instincts.“

The first new single, ‘No Reservations’ has just been released and we’ve heard there’s an album in the pipeline! How is it all shaping up so far?
G&D: ”We are planning on releasing a new track every 6 weeks in 2012 via our reactivated Organized Nature label through Armada culminating at the end of the year in an album. We spent a great deal of 2011 experimenting with different sounds, styles and tempos. 2012 will be about putting what we learned  into action and to flesh the demos we made into full songs. We also will be dipping into our catalog and letting some of our favorite remixers interpret our classic tracks.”

Can we expect to hear some exclusives during your set in Den Bosch? Can we please be the testies?
G&D:”There should probably be 3 to 4 new songs ready to play at this event and we will likely also touch up a few of our most loved ASOT classics into something that will work for today’s demanding crowd.”

Now, one thing you guys will experience during the A State of Trance 550 event, is the real ‘ASOT feel’. What, in your eyes, defines that special feeling?
G&D:”We think It’s really a bond between trance fans all around the world. Armin has done a great job at staying true to his style of music and through that he has united millions of people together who have a common interest: trance and dance music.”

Last but not least, is there anything you guys would like to say to Armin and the ASOT listeners who’ll be tuning in around the globe?
G&D:”Well, of course  we’d like to thank Armin for his continued support of Gabriel & Dresden, and as we always like to say, ‘expect the unexpected’!”