A State of Trance 500: the official theme

A State of Trance 500: the official theme

February 23, 2011

Its 500th episode is quickly approaching. The 10th birthday is just around the corner. And the anticipation for the events is exceeding all limits. The trance community can hardly wait to celebrate A State of Trance 500, and for good reason.

With events in South-Africa, the US, Argentina, The Netherlands and Australia, Armin van Buuren has set up one of the greatest – if not the greatest – celebrations in dance music of all-time. Now that its official mascot’s have been presented and the new www.astateoftrance.com has been launched, it’s time to discover the official theme for this wonderful happening. Especially for ASOT 500, Armin produced a brand new Gaia track. In follow-up to ‘4 Elements’, ‘Tuvan’ and ‘Aisha’, he now presents ‘Status Excessu D’.

‘Status Excessu D’ has everything a brilliant theme song needs: energy, strong beats, a warm melody, a real classic feel and a break that sends shivers down your spine no matter how many times you’ve listened. This is ‘Status Excessu D’, the official A State of Trance 500 theme.

Armin premiered the track in his A State of Trance 496 show, enjoy this special preview.