ASOT Ibiza Invasion – Armin van Buuren

ASOT Ibiza Invasion – Armin van Buuren

June 27, 2012

Big, bigger, biggest. This summer, Armin van Buuren brings his A State of Trance to an even higher level. With 14 nights, of which the kick-off has been an incredible success, he celebrates the on-going ASOT craze and rocks Ibiza’s Privilege from dusk till dawn. We hooked up with the mastermind behind the show, the label and the worldwide movement, and asked him all about his summer.

Hey Armin! We’re stalking you in the middle of a well-deserved holiday, sorry for that! Are you gathering some energy for the Ibiza nights ahead?
Armin:”Yes! It has become tradition to have a holiday in June since I can’t have one during July and August because of my busy summer schedule. I try to switch off completely and gain energy for a few hectic but fun months touring in Europe.”

You’re hot off a two-day live-broadcasting adventure at EDC Las Vegas. Those were quite the nights, huh?
Armin:”Haha yes. First of all, it was an experiment. I wasn’t sure if the listeners would appreciate an ASOT invasion event not in the line of ASOT 550 but it turned out to be a big success with the same number of fans turning in. Second, the best parties always come unexpected. Due to the heavy winds, Insomniac was ordered by the authorities to shut down the entire event on the 2nd day of the 3 day festival. I was the only one that could continue the broadcast live from the studio and all the stations that were broadcasting the other stages tuned in to us in the little radio studio behind the circuit grounds stage. Loads of DJ’s that were there to play but couldn’t due to the event shutting down, came down to play a few tracks. It was one of those memorable events. I will cherish that moment forever. Finally, it was the biggest crowd I ever played to in the USA on the third day. I played on both the kinetic and circuit ground stage. Simply amazing, what a crowd. The atmosphere was like Woodstock, Burning man and something of mad max.”

Monday was the very first of 13 nights at Privilege for you. Do residencies like these take you back to the early days, when you played at the same club each week?
Armin:”Ibiza has always been an essential stop for me. So many people from all over the world come there to celebrate their holidays, especially young people and people that love EDM. I spoke to quite a few young people in Brazil and asked them what their ultimate dream was. They all said: Ibiza. Same with lots of people in Canada and the USA. You need to have a presence there!”

You’ve been an Amnesia resident for years, moved to Space last year and now settle in Privilege. Big, bigger, biggest? Or what is the actual reason of the move?
Armin:”I’ve been a resident at Amnesia for years and we both felt it was time for something new. Space offered me a big chance and the night was a success last year (listen to Universal Religion chapter 5!) but I wanted to build my own A State of Trance night and Privilege gave me that chance!”

What’s the biggest challenge in playing at such a big club for weeks in a row?
Armin:”The airports!! haha. No honestly, it’s so great to play there every week because there’s new people coming to the island every week so you have a completely new crowd in front of you every week. Plus, we can keep an epic set up on the island, like the biggest L.E.D. wall!”

You set up the line-up together with Alda Events, the organization. What was the reason you invited these names?
Armin:”Most of the names are well known to the visitors of the Armada nights in Amnesia and Space last year. I’m very proud to have Markus as an exclusive resident. Dash Berlin’s star has been rising very fast and I’m very happy we also have names like Aly & Fila, Cosmic Gate, Jochen Miller and a few new names like Tom Fall. All these names are DJ’s that have proven themselves during the ASOT 550 events.”

On August 13th, you’ll be doing another one of your long-awaited solo sets. Got any secret exclusives that you’ll be premiering in there perhaps?
Armin:”Hmm. I don’t want to share too much yet but I’m actually thinking about trying to make another Universal Religion compilation this year. I’m working hard to get a few tracks finished for it. It all depends on how much time I have.”

In the middle of all this, you’re probably working on a new artist album. How is that one coming along?
Armin:”I can say I’m at 65%. The first three singles are done. I’m already road testing a few tracks and testing out with friends and family :-). “

Now, there’s thousands of your fans heading over to Ibiza, perhaps even for the first time. You’ve been there many times before. What tips have you got for the Ibiza rookies?
Armin:”The cool thing about Ibiza is that you can have any kind of holiday you want: relaxing on the beach, hire a boat, go to the best restaurants, see the best DJ’s in the best clubs or just relax in your villa. If you like good food, try Sa Capella near San Antonio or Madrigal in Ibiza town. Definitely try to go to Formentera! I love Cala D’hort and Cala Codolar.”

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