ASOT Ibiza invasion – Dash Berlin

June 20, 2012

He’s hot off the release of his second artist album, a dedication to all those who live for the music, the beat and the melody. ‘#musicislife’ and its musical resonance will also take over the island of Ibiza. Dash Berlin will be playing at no less than 6 of the A State of Trance nights at Privilege. All the right seasons for us to hook up with Dash himself, and ask him all about his Ibiza experience, hotspots, summer and much, much more!

Hey Dash! How are you? How is the summer treating you so far?
Jeff:”Hey guys, I’m doing great thank you! I love the summer time, I’m in the middle of the #musicislife World Tour and just played at the ASOT Stage at EDC in Las Vegas which was incredible. Make no mistake about it; Trance is blowing up in the States, big time. Sensational night.“

Only a short wait until ASOT at Ibiza kicks off at Privilege! It’s quite an open door, but are you looking forward to it?
Jeff:”Absolutely; Ibiza is a magical island, it has always been a dream to play there. I’m very honored to be one of the residents again in what is actually the biggest club in the world, especially under the ASOT brand with Armin and all the other DJ’s. Trance belongs on Ibiza and these nights are going to write history. I’m really excited to be a part of it and super ready.”

You’ve clocked up quite a lot of years dj’ing, even before your days as Dash Berlin. Have you ever played at Ibiza before, in your younger years as a DJ perhaps?  
Jeff:”I’ve been to Ibiza many times, but I actually had my first residency in the Privilege last year with Paul Oakenfold who is a big hero of mine. It was a dream come true for me.”

Ibiza, of course, is the Mecca to both clubbers and DJ’s. Will you be enjoying a bit of holiday while you’re there?
Jeff:”I certainly hope so, but my schedule is really tight, so I’ll probably be back in the plane before the sun comes up, but it’s ok, it’s all about the night time for me anyway!”

Got any out-of-the-club tips for those that are heading to Ibiza? Got a favourite beach or restaurant to share with us?
Jeff:”Ibiza has many faces, so make sure you do a bit of googling to find what you’re looking for on the island. I usually eat at Planet Sushi, which is close to the Pacha, it’s not cheap, but the food there is really nice. The Nutella Maki is my favorite. Playa d’en Bossa is pretty famous on Ibiza and for a good reason, go there if you want to get into the party mood for the night, the music is already pumping there.”

Fans may not know it yet, but you’ll be playing at no less than 6 of the ASOT nights there. Knowing you, you’re going to be doing something spectacular or special each time. Any sneak peek’s on what we can expect?
Jeff:”Expectations color the experience. It’s way better to be surprised for the ultimate experience. I can tell you one thing though, the Monday nights at Privilege are going to be remembered as the best and biggest Trance nights of Ibiza 2012, so don’t miss out!”

You’ve been DJ’ing at quite a few festivals and seen lots of clubs. But did you ever play in a club as big as Privilege?
Jeff:”It doesn’t get any bigger than this, that’s for sure. Privilege is a huge club and not only in terms of size, also in terms of atmosphere and legendary status, it’s hard to beat.”

We’re still chanting to the beautiful sounds of ‘Go It Alone’ and ‘Better Half Of Me’ and love your ‘#musicislife’ album. What’s going to be the Dash Berlin summer anthem?
Jeff:”Thank you for the kind words. The one track of my album that is really suitable for the summer has to be ‘Silence In Your Heart’ which we did with Chris Madin. It really has that hands in the air, feel good summer vibe to it.”

How about another United Destinations album? Will there be any, this year?
Jeff:”Absolutely, United Destination is my annual mix compilation. I am already working on it as we speak; we’re aiming for a release after the summer.”

Any other music tips for us to get in the mood for the Ibiza nights?
Jeff:”Make sure you check out my next top 20 for some excellent tastemakers! See you on Ibiza!”

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