Last info ASOT650 Jaarbeurs Utrecht 15th of February

Last info ASOT650 Jaarbeurs Utrecht 15th of February

February 11, 2014,

It’s almost time for ASOT650 – New Horizons in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht. Before the event starts, we’d like to provide each and every one of you with all the practical information you need, in order to ensure ASOT650 is going to be a night to remember!

Jaarbeurs Utrecht
3521 AL Utrecht

The time at which you’ll be able to enter the venue depends on the type of ticket you bought. Please make sure to check your ticket for more information on the type of ticket you have. Below you’ll find the timetable for your specific ticket type. The start time displayed in the table is the time at which the doors will open. Please note that you’ll only be allowed in when the time at which you want to enter the venue, corresponds with the type of ticket you have.

19:00 – 07:00 Regular warm up                                    
19:00 – 07:00 Deluxe
19:00 – 07:00 Hotel Package Apollo
19:00 – 07:00 Hotel Package Ibis
19:00 – 07:00 Hotel Package Grand Hotel Karel V
21:00 – 07:00 Regular

Make sure to bring your ID and a copy of the ticket to the event. The minimum for the event is 18+. We cannot grant access to visitors younger than 18. It is therefore important to take legal identification with you for security to check your age.

You will find the info on the entrance you should use on your ticket. Again, the type of entrance depends totally on the type of ticket you have. If the entrance you’re trying to get in does not correspond with the one on your ticket, you will be redirected to the end of the queue again for the right entrance.
Entrance A Regular warm up ticket
Entrance A Deluxe ticket
Entrance A Hotel Package Apollo ticket
Entrance A Hotel Package Ibis ticket
Entrance A Hotel Package Grand Hotel Karel V ticket                 
Entrance B Regular tickets

Whenever you decide to leave the event at some point before the end of the show, you will not be allowed back in. Please be aware of that!

We will issue an event guide. Here, you’ll find a map with an overview of all the different stages and their corresponding timetable. Furthermore, the map shows you all other relevant information concerning the location of toilets, lockers, the first aid station, smoking areas, food courts, token registers and the merchandise stand.

There will be a zero tolerance policy in regard to soft drugs, hard drugs and other illegal substances. The distribution, the use and carriage of drugs or any other illegal substances will result in direct eviction from the event. The authorities will be notified whenever large quantities are found.

You may be subject to a security check upon entering the premises.

Lockers will be available at the event. These lockers can be used to store any excess luggage you might have. After scanning your ticket you’ll be able to access the lockers. After you leave the lockers and enter the general event area, you will not be able re-access your locker until the time you decide to leave the event. After handing in your locker key, you will be handed back your deposit.

Deposit: €5
Small Locker: €5,- + €7,- = €12,-
Big Locker: €5 + €8,50 = €13,50

In order to make sure that everyone can enjoy the event please make sure to dress appropriately for the event. Please refrain from wearing any football related attire and other clothing that might offend people.

You are not allowed to bring your own food and drinks. There will be various food courts at the venue that will provide both food and drinks. Payments can be done via tokens. The tokens can be bought by either cash or debit card at the token registers that are indicated on the map in the event guide.

There will also be a first aid station present at the venue. Here, you will need to report any prescription medicine you might need during the event. Any other items you need for your personal health, can also be reported here.  When you are in need of medical assistance during the event you can report at the first aid station. The first aid station is clearly indicated on the event map.

There will be special lanes for people with physical disabilities. The special lanes are located inside each of the regular entrances. Upon entering the venue you may use these lanes, only when you’re prevented from using the regular entrance lanes due to physical disabilities. There will be no disability zones present in the different area’s during the event itself.

For the safety of you and those around you, please refrain from bringing any objects that can be used to bring harm to yourself or others. You are not allowed to bring weapons or any other items that can be used as a weapon. When found, these items will be confiscated by security.

Even though it is possible to travel by car to the event. We’d like to advise you to travel to the event by using public transportation.

There are 30 busses that connect Utrecht Central station to 30 places in the region. Check  for a more detailed bus schedule. There are signs posted at Utrecht Central Station that will offer you directions to the Jaarbeurs Utrecht.

Event Travel offers you bus transport to A State of Trance 650 from more than 180 pick-up locations in the Netherlands. During the bus trip with a luxury coach you will have your own seat and the opportunity to get in contact with other party people. You are dropped off and picked up close to the festival. On the return trip you can enjoy a little more partying.

The complete schedule and prices are available at the Event Travel website.

You can book your bus tickets here

The Utrecht central station is easily reachable by train. When you get off at Utrecht Central station, make sure to follow the signs that say ‘Jaarbeursplein’. As you get outside, the signs will clearly show you the way to the entrance of ASOT650.

In the weekend of February the 15th and 16th please note that ProRail will be conducting work on the tracks of several different train routes. Utrecht will be difficult to reach by public transportation this weekend.

Please take notice that no trains will be driving between Woerden and Gouda.

When you are traveling from the The Hague region, you can take a detour that will take you through Leiden or Schiphol. When you are traveling from the Rotterdam region we advice you NOT to take the train to Utrecht.

Since the NS is working on several train tracks this weekend, make sure to check the NS Travelplanner before the event. Moreover, make sure to plan ahead your return journey.

Please make sure to always check the NS Travelplanner right before you leave.

By Car:
When you travel by car, make sure to follow the blue ANWB signs with “Jaarbeurs Utrecht” when getting on the “Ring Utrecht”.
You will be able to park your car in the general parking facilities of the Jaarbeurs Utrecht.
The car parks will be clearly visible. As you drive up to the car park make sure to check the signs posted next to the road for information about availability. Please, make sure to adhere to the instructions given by the valet personnel.

In case you lose any of your personal belongings, make sure to check with security whether someone has found them.  If at the end of the event, your belongings still haven’t been found, you can send an e-mail to

Now, we are finally ready to receive the love straight from the source. Sending signals from outer space, the Space Cadets are broadening their horizon. As they encounter earth once again, they will show us ‘New Horizons’. Now it’s nearly time for the show in Utrecht, show them your horizons; tweet #MyHorizon with the #hashtag of your location!


Share all your pictures in anticipation of the show and during the event via  #ASOT650NL. This way you’ll be able to show the world your one of a kind experience.

The entire show will be broadcasted live, via an Internet stream on our live-site. Even if you are somehow unable to make it to the event, you can follow the entire event at our website and share your experience with other EDM lovers across the globe.

We are looking forward to seeing you Saturday the 15th of February at ASOT650 New Horizons in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht.