Mark Sixma: 2014 will be big!

Mark Sixma: 2014 will be big!

January 19, 2014,

Armada Music caught up with Dutchman Mark Sixma to find out his plans for 2014 and more!

Hey Mark! Happy New Year! Are we right to say that 2014 is going to be BIG for you?
Mark: “Thank you and best wishes for 2014! A lot of exciting things are happening right now. I’m working together with some of my favorite artists in the world. Apart from that I also have a lot of new solo tracks in the works and my touring schedule is filling up rapidly. Looks like it’s gonna be an extremely good and busy year!”

How do you look back on 2013? Has it been a good year to you?
Mark: ”I think it’s safe to say that 2013 has been the best year in my career so far! Before that I’ve been working with a lot of artists in the studio behind the scenes. With the release of ‘Requiem’ however things changed rapidly.  Hitting #1 and staying there for two weeks resulted in a fast increasing fan-base and a lot of booking requests and I decided that it was time to put more focus on my solo career and I must say I’m very happy with that choice haha!”

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