Universal Religion Chapter 6 cover revealed tonight!

August 21, 2012

Tonight is the night. On a secret location near Amsterdam, Armin van Buuren and artist Joseph Klibansky will reveal the artwork for the upcoming ‘Universal Religion Chapter 6’ album. Worth a celebration, we invited Dutch duo 2 Faced Funks to spin at the party. But that’s not all. We also gave away 10 tickets to Armin fans, to be part of this special happening.

These are the lucky winners, who get to witness the revealing of the UR6 artwork together with a friend:

  • Alexandra Philips
  • Michiel Roedema
  • Sally Nesta
  • Marja Horstman
  • Vivek Chandran

Have fun and see you tonight! Keep an eye on the website to be the first to check out the artwork by Joseph Klibansky!