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Out Now On ARMIND: Luke Bond feat. Nathan Nicholson – Stars

January 15, 2021

A top-notch production from England’s Luke Bond that surprisingly crosses over into the progressive space at times, ‘Stars’ has listeners hooked from the starting second. With gliding synths and Nathan Nicholson’s ethereal vocals soaring over a dark, bassline-ruled instrumental, this […]

Out Now On A STATE OF TRANCE: Protoculture – Lost In Isolation

January 15, 2021

A gorgeous soundscape bearing tinges of old-school Trance, Protoculture’s brand-new release on A State Of Trance is as captivating as they come. With subtle arpeggios, soaring synths and a bassline that keeps pushing onward no matter what, ‘Lost In Isolation’ […]

Podcast 658

January 13, 2021

Every week, Armin selects his favorite tunes of the A State of Trance radio show and puts them into his official Podcast, completely free on iTunes! Expect a swell blend of the hottest in trance and progressive, and wicked, playful […]