A State Of Trance – Best Of 2011

November 26, 2011

A State of Trance is more than just a label of Armin van Buuren. It’s a feeling, a realm for those seeking the best trance music available and above all, a place where music lovers find their musical bliss. Balancing the gift of new talent with tracks by renowned names, A State of Trance keeps you up to date on all essentials.

This year’s overview of the ASOT highlights comes together in a bundle of 10 beautiful tracks, by the likes of Alex M.O.R.P.H., Tenishia, Sebastian Brandt, Eco & Breakfast and many more. A must-have for everyone in love with the trance sound of 2011!

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  1. Alex M.O.R.P.H. feat. Sylvia Tosun – An Angel’s Love (Vocal Mix) (08:30)
  2. Tenishia – Shores Of Eden (Original Mix) (04:30)
  3. Mike Shiver vs Matias Lehtola – Slacker [Mike Shiver vs Matias Lehtola] (Original Mix) (06:40)
  4. Sebastian Brandt – Ashes (Original Mix) (08:35)
  5. Sean Tyas – Banshee (Original Mix) (07:36)
  6. Eco & Breakfast – Wide Open (Original Mix) (07:15)
  7. Sophie Sugar – Skyline (Original Mix) (07:27)
  8. Fabio XB – Reflected (tyDi Remix) (07:57)
  9. Vengeance – Stasis (Denga & Manus Webifier Mix) (08:27)
  10. Garry Heaney – Oracle (Original Mix) (07:39)