A State of Trance Radio Player

June 8, 2009


Armin van Buuren’s radioshow ‘A State of Trance’ has been going strong for 8 years already. With an estimated 30 million listeners, divided over 26 countries and over 40 radio-stations plus globally through satellite and internet radio-stations, ‘A State of Trance’ is one of the most popular and beloved weekly radio shows around. Armin won the award for ‘Best Mix Radio Show’ at the Winter Music Conference in 2006 and 2007, and another 4 Awards at the 2008 edition. Besides that, he’s voted number one DJ four times in a row in the leading British DJ Mag Top 100 Poll.

Armin weekly provides trance fans with the latest in trance and progressive, the future favourite, tune of the week and classic track. And the good thing is, it’s not just limited to trance music only. Armin: “What makes trance work so well is that it doesn’t stick to one style, and can incorporate electro, minimal, whatever it likes.” The main focus of the show will always be trance, but Armin is not being imprisoned by one style.  The radioshow is the perfect way to keep track of what the trance lovers want.

Besides the weekly streams and radio broadcasts, you’ll also find the radioshow available for listening in the A State of Trance Radio Player. We completely renewed and upgraded the A State of Trance radio service and now offer you a monthly, 6 monthly or yearly subscription.

By subscribing to the A State of Trance Radio Player, you’re able to listen to all ASOT episodes of the past and stay up to date on the latest ones. As you’re listening, you can switch to different episodes and ‘step into’ another.  Tuning into A State of Trance has just become a lot easier.
Find out all about it here:  www.astateoftrance.com/player