Artist Highlight: Xoro

October 27, 2023, ,

This week sees the release of the new Armin van Buuren track ‘God is in the Soundwaves’ together with new talent Xoro! We caught up with him during ADE to talk about his music and the reason why he dropped the first demo of the track in the A State of Trance mailbox!

For those who aren’t familiar with you yet: how would you describe yourself and your music?

I would describe my music as dark but euphoric at the same time. I like to write all my songs on the piano first and re-create them electronically by making sure they work for the dance floor but still deliver the maximum amount of emotion. ‘God Is In The Soundwaves’ actually started as a piano ballade in my bedroom after a night out at Printworks last year before it closed down.

The first demo for God is in the Soundwaves was picked up from the A State of Trance inbox: what made you send it? And how did the process go from there?
After I finished the track, I sent it to the ASOT inbox as I’ve always looked up to Armin and thought the concept and production would resonate with him. Originally I wanted to get his feedback on it but I never thought it would end up as a collab. I believe after Nina and the team heard it, my amazing A&R Harry asked to hear more records and ended up signing me to Armada. So massive thanks to Nina and the Armada team, I can’t wait to start this journey together!

When it comes to inspiration, what gets you inspired?
Inspiration hits me at the most random moments but I usually write my best records late at night on my piano. I always combine my past experiences and current state of mind to try authentically capture a moment, place or a feeling. 

Are there any other releases coming up that you are excited about?
Yess, I’ve got a few very exciting records coming up on Armada next year and potentially a collab with Felix Jaehn we are in talks about. I can’t wait to put out my new records and hopefully play at some future A State of Trance events ;)