Artist Interview + DJ Shoutout: Myon & Shane54

April 14, 2009

Two musical minds have bound their strength and talent, decided to mix their sounds and turned out to have a musical chemistry beyond words. Myon & Shane 54 took things step by step. A massive production here, a bit of remixing for Armin van Buuren there and off they were. Even though these Hungarian talents have only just begun, they are on top of their game. “Armin told us we’re on fire, I’m sure he was right. We truly are!” Don’t mistake them for being arrogant, for Myon & Shane 54 count themselves more than lucky to be playing at ASOT 400. And boy, have they got something special in stores for all of you…

Myon & Shane54You guys are playing at the German ASOT 400 party. Are you looking forward to it?
Myon: “Of course we do (how could we not to), but ‘very excited’ would be a better word! Being part of an event like this makes us proud, besides it is a perfect opportunity to introduce us to a much wider audience as dj’s. It will be an unforgettable night.”

What can the party people expect of your set?
Shane: “We had a lot of thinking how to make our set special. We’ll play a new version of ‘Vampire’, which no one has heard before, but I don’t want to spoil more. There’ll be new remixes, old classics turned upside down, stuff like that. This is exactly the kind of audience, who will know every element of the mash-ups, so we can be a bit more adventurous.”

What is ‘a state of trance’ to you?
Myon: “Making music for both of us without a doubt. It is our element, and we can hardly imagine a world without producing. I’m sure we’ll also feel something like that onstage in Wuppertal.”

Any other exciting news we should know about?
Shane: “It could seem we didn’t do much in the past couple of months, but in fact we did new songs for ourselves, quite a few remixes, but they’re all waiting to get released. There’s one song, ‘Helpless’ which we did with LA-based songstress Aruna, now that’s one we’re really proud about.
Also we started to get quite a lot of international bookings like in Asia, Holland, Russia, so it seems we have to travel more and more, which is a good thing. It gives you a lot of inspiration.”

Is there anything you’d like to say to Armin?
Myon: “A lot actually, and we’ll definitely discuss them on the 16th sometime during the evening.”
Shane: “Of course we will…”

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Myon & Shane 54 Shoutout

Where would A State of Trance be without the input of new talent? Right, nowhere. Two major names in the infinite stream of upcoming producers in today’s trance scene, are Hungarian beatmakers Myon and Shane 54. Two boys with the right pack of knowledge teamed up not so long ago, but received support by Armin from the very beginning. A sign that there was more to these two youngsters than just a lucky hit. And right he was. Myon & Shane 54 have grown from talents to ‘regulars’. But their music goes far beyond the ordinary, regular or plain. Same goes for their message to all of you. Find out what the guys have to say in their special ASOT 400 video!


Myon & Shane 54 releases:

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