Music video of 'Drowning' online!

March 30, 2011

With spring kicking in, the first beams of sun showing and a twist of love in the air, Armin van Buuren couldn’t have chosen a better time to release his new single. ‘Drowning’ is a thrilling ride, perfectly translating the rollercoaster feel of falling in love.

‘Drowning’, the breathtaking fourth single taken from the ‘Mirage’ album, features the powerful vocals of UK vocalist Laura V and is an anthem that represents nothing but feel-good. Sugar sweet, energetic and refreshingly housy.

You’ll find the same diversity in the music video of ‘Drowning’. We all deal with love in a different way, struggle with feelings or flirt around, break a connection or start a new,  swim or drown in love.
It’s that scary yet exciting feeling of drowning in love that sees it’s visual translation in the music video. Check it out on