The first AEM Hangout with Armin! (video live)

The first AEM Hangout with Armin! (video live)

October 21, 2013,

Just when the 7 finalists of the Academy of Electronic Music thought it couldn’t get more exciting – it just did! Tonight, at 8PM, they will have the very first Hangout. And it’s not just with anyone. For many of the finalists, he’s their big example, their inspiration to be producing and dj’ing. Yes, we’re talking about Armin van Buuren here!

Armin will hang out with the 7 finalists and the best part is – you can also be part of it and watch! This’ll be the first time you music lovers will see the 7 finalists, as they experience a once-in-a-lifetime Hangout with Armin van Buuren. They can ask Armin anything, whether that be about dj’ing, producing or his life as one of the world’s most popular DJ’s.
Be part of this!

Join the Academy’s first live hangout, tonight at 8PM!